Roman Catholic Church, Seaford, New York

Ways to Give



Electronic Giving

Maria Regina offers our parishioners an opportunity to make your offertory and other contributions through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). The program is available at no cost to parishioners. EFT is the mechanism that allows you to make a transaction directly from your bank account to the parish every month. Your financial information is safeguarded using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technologies, the same encryption technology employed by banks and other financial institutions. You can begin this program immediately. Please prayerfully consider whether this convenient program might be a viable option for your family. It will go a long way in fortifying the fiscal health of our parish. Click here here to print the form or it can be picked up at the rectory, the completed form may be mailed or dropped off at the rectory.

Memorial Walkway and Children's Garden of Remembrance

Here at Maria Regina, we have a Children's Garden of Remembrance as well as the Maria Regina Memorial Walkway. (These are both located behind the school and are in the process of renovation.) Engraved bricks can be purchased with the name of your loved one, a special occasion, or a prayer of gratitude. Each brick is $100 and forms can be picked up at the Rectory Office. If you have any questions, please call the Rectory.

Support Maria Regina's Shopping Cents Gift Card Program

If you go shopping each week, or if you need a gift card to use as a gift, you can assist Maria Regina at no cost to you. You can buy gift cards to pay for your purchases at supermarkets as well as a variety of other retailers. Take advantage of this program and you can receive a free $25 gift card for every $1250 of cards you buy each year


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